We are on the way, my plan worked!
In front of us the Himalaya.
Now behind us a distance of 13.000km for which has taken almost 3 months.
Impressive when you consider what hardships were necessary to achieve this goal.

I knew there would be trouble but of course no one could imagine the extent.
The list is long!
From temperatures down to -35 degrees, frozen fuel, extreme road conditions and accidents. Anything is possible.
Due to our own fault or the fault of others. 
Technical problems, robbery, theft and fraud up to violence firsthand which had nearly cost my companions life to the fault of our own or other.

Perhaps deemed our own fault you might think.
Nobody has forced us to do this, which appears crazy to many.
Imagine, the reaction from different cultures, when they saw us driving this antique tractor.
The expression I saw in many faces ranged from disbelief to love at first sight.
Of course, the admiration was passed on to one's ego

The feeling of pride makes you forget all the hardships and it makes you continue.
Also Mother Nature was another way to motivate myself.

Images I had never seen before. Words cannot describe how beautiful.
Mountains 8000m high, which appeared so close and offered a breathtaking spectacle at sunrise and sunset.
oder untergehender Sonne ein atemberaubendes Schauspiel boten, hatten sich vor uns aufgetan.
Desert landscapes in different colors left an incredible fascination.
zogen tagelang an uns vorbei und hinterließen in mir diese unglaubliche Faszination.

These impressions make you thoughtful. What a wonderful place has been created here.
The random interplay of countless events over millions of years could not be anything.
Or is it? Is there another power? Sometimes such thoughts produce a result, sometimes not.

On this journey, one thing became clear to me: Mother Nature cannot disappoint you, people do.

Neither, hot or cold, lush or bleak, wet or dry – our environment presents a perfect structure, whether we like it or not.

Of course on such a journey, there are findings of another kind,
very personal nature that act on the psyche and leave their own lasting impressions

A good example of this, living together in a confined space with people you think you know but unfortunately it is not always as it seems.

But when do you truly know yourself and others?

The law of nature - action creates reaction. On a trip like this, this law often comes into play and the result is not always positive. 

All problems in life are a part of our existence and we hopefully learn from it.
Even if it sometimes appears difficult to understand, other people`s cultures trying to respect their own way.
This is just one reason to undertake such an "extreme tour in every way".

One thing I know, from now on I feel privileged to be born and able to live in Austria.
In this country there are no problems with regard the quality of life. Compared, to the people in those countries,
which we are honored to see and to experience on this tour.

We live in an absolute paradise!

Personally, I’ve missed our beautiful country very much. Not having felt this feeling on all the other trips I have already undertaken.
I hope that I can tell my fellow citizens in some slideshows in picture and sound of our experiences after the termination of that undertaking.
Assuming I finally return again back home healthy.

God willing!

Hans-Peter Ebner